Licensed and Insured. You own a home or business in Orange County and now you need some paint.


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Here is a small sampling of the jobs we’ve completed.


What we do

Ceiling & Wall Painting

Don’t spend your free time taping off, tarping, mixing painting, and rolling out layers and layers of paint. Sit back and relax as our professional team comes out and transforms any room you have with our efficient and clean painting service.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the perfecting cleaning service in this time and age where sanitization and disinfection are vital. Our team understands that not all materials can be pressure washed

Staining & Varnishing

Staining your deck, patio, fences, and anything else can easily and quickly change the aesthetic of your property. While a varnish and a stain provide different protectant qualities, both add beauty.


Having our professionals caulk your home is vital to protecting your home and saving on your energy bills. A precise and effective caulking job will help create an airtight seal that prevents pests from entering your home

  • Joni Gray Finkle
    Brett and his team were top notch. The amount of quality work they did on our interior in just one-week’s time was incredible. Not to mention the fact that they are super cool human beings and so easy to work with. We had some challenging details like staircase banners that went into wood floors, a black interior door against bright white walls and some damage that they fixed on beams. Also, they removed and hung new lighting beautifully throughout the house. I can’t say enough about these folks and the price was right and fair as well. I’d be happy to show our home to anyone who wanted to see their amazing work. We are enjoying it!
    Joni Gray Finkle
  • Carla Loeffler
    This is the best painting company I've ever dealt with. It's family owned & these men are truly talented. Plus, they have integrity. The job was totally finished & everything was left spotless. It was like they were never here except for the beautiful job they left behind. .
    Carla Loeffler
  • Jae Shu
    Our office needed a new paint job. I got a quote from several companies, and Brett from Davis Painting gave the best one. He is very responsive, professional, and and fast! When our house is ready for a new paint job, I will be calling him again.
    Jae Shu
  • Nancy Edwards
    We are very much enjoying the beautiful new paint to the exterior of our home! Davis Painting did a stellar job. As well as painting, they also replaced wood rotted fascia boards and repaired crumbling stucco. They used quality paint that will last for years to come. Brett and his team were very thorough, detailed and left out home 'like new' restoring it to a lovely sight. I would highly recommend Davis Painting!!!
    Nancy Edwards